Gabriella Fiore


Track # 23) Alwayz remember the truth

Music from Fernando Poo


COGITO, ergo SUM….
CLAER from Milano, likes German and the word Unheimlich, she likes to always have a piece of chocolate in her bag, that maybe will never be eaten.
Could die for a jar of mayonnaise, reads the newspapers starting from the end, loves her dog, even if not her own, liked Bologna a lot and she is sad that it is not like before, CLAER likes pictures of Kiefer Sullivan, films of Abel Ferrara and Jarman, secrets and the people who do not speak too much.
Adores those who make her laugh and those who know to do the best rather than nothing, which appeals to the concept of time and relative things.
Sometimes shy and others too aggressive, CLAER likes red, the morning after a party and all the things that render her breathless.



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