Yashima Mishto


Track # 18) g-ira

Music from Ira remix by Fernando Poo


Yashima Mishto is living and working in Berlin since 2003.
He started to investigate photography since 1994, mainly focusing his interest in the Erotism's deep waters. The exclusive collaboration with amateur models let him describe the hidden sexuality, the exhibitionism, the censured fantasies of a metropolitan culture far away from the sexual maturity.
After the first misadventures in 2002 Yashima became a woman, played by one of his most intimate models during vernissages and other public events. In 2007, wishing that times might be mature to effort his art without any sexist preconceived belief, he dressed again his male identity.
Yashima is fighting the overbearing censorship which affects both male and female, which acts before any gender discrimination, chaining the human been with any kind of sexual inclination.
Investigating the Erotism as communication media he's trying to show the engine below.

Selected exhibitions in Italy (Bologna 2005, Rome 2006, Messina 2006) and Germany (Berlin 2003-2006); then, Berliner-Liste 2006, Festival of European Photography (Reggio Emilia, Italy 2007).
Besides his main above-cited interest, he is collecting various travel reportages (Cuba, Marocco, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia...) and a main project regarding "Diversity" started years ago, in collaboration with Universities and NGOs.

Cultural circle La Rocca, Sinalunga (SI), 1995.
Founded the Rinascimiento Society in Case di Sotto (RE), Italy, April 2003.






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