Track # 11) Sax in my brain

Music from Fernando Poo and Marco un-zip



'bLiQu3' was basically a collection discarded kinder toys gathered
from as far away as the mysterious and exotic plains of Wilsden by
alcoholic beetles and assembled by 9 blind flamingos using prosthetic
hands made of the sinewy branches of willow trees. That misshapen
foetus was placed into a Tupperware womb to gestate for 23years where
he developed a fascination with onieric manipulation, eating shadows,
and pigeon lizards. He remained completely fresh until his premature
"birth" in 1980 when a obese harpsichord removed his lid thinking he
was an old pie, he's been rotting ever since, but has produced
cartoony doodles for numerous people and companies including (in no
particular order): EAgames , Echo clothing, Stella artrois, the
Institute of contemporary art, Kangol, Metrodome distribution, Xfm,
signalprojects, theymademedoit, Carharrt, Manga, Mission Sabotage,
Google blah blah blah. he mostly works with the circus now, reveling
in aperitifs, its a little more complicated than that, but i won't
bore u with the details. now get out of my sock draw before i set the
bison on you!
Taken from an interview with Dr Ritalin Plimpsole of the
sesquipedalian institute of Isosceles Wonkyphutocs.



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