Alice Bognetti


Track # 8) Rabix

Music from Fernando Poo




Alice Bognetti, born in Roma,1979.
Graduate in Artistic studies, specialized in Multimedia Animation .
I started with traditional painting and decoration and I came to digital-video world where I work.
I tried all the artistic technics that I met on the way. I drawn all over around me, on every surface that U can touch,then I start with what You can´t touch, the pixels.
My Video Short, “Superhandicap” (o.v. Ita “Il Superhandicappato, Super Diversamente Abile”)(double hand work Bognetti - Cerilli) Award Festival “Emarginiamo l´emarginazione”
,1° classified 2007.
After a period of working as illustrator for free press in Roma I started vjing and to create music scenography

Co-foundator of the Ctrl Z Produktions I live and work as freelancer between Roma and Berlin.
Thanks to Synoptx for his wood photo!

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