Track # 2) Brain wash

Music from Fernando Poo


Mateo was born in San Mateo, California in 1972.

His penchant for creating strange worlds populated by monsters is something that started very young. As a child he would allow his imagination to run wild, and if given the chance he would sit for hours making up stories and drawing strange creatures.

Nowadays he does much the same thing. His pictures continue to be playful and imaginative, and his monsters are still there to be found and are more colorful than ever. He paints with acrylic paint and usually upon old found objects like wooden crates or discarded windows left on the sidewalk.

As far as a philosophy for why he paints, he is quick to point out that for him the process is extremely important. That process, in short, is made up of self-reflection, and at the same time involves keeping a critical eye on the world which surrounds us. Of course the act of painting itself is also very important, it too serves as a sort of meditation. The result, when successful, is a painting which although often playful can serve as a powerful allegory for an idea or emotion.
It all sounds very serious and high-minded, but if you saw him working on a painting in his studio, you would see that there is a large amount of fun mixed in as well.

In 2003 Mateo moved to Berlin with his wife Tanja. Two years later he co-founded the Zozoville Gallery along with fellow artist Johan Potma. The gallery showcases their artwork and also serves as a studio wherein they spend their days making up stories and drawing strange creatures.



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